Monday, July 12, 2010

This may be another feel sorry for myself post.

ARGHHH, this business with my "friend" is driving me crazy!

I thought we were tight, I hate being wrong.

I will try and give you a brief overview of what went down...

Ok, so I had this friend. We met on the Britney forums about 5 years back. We connected as we were both living in NZ and a shared love of Queen Britney. Our humour was exclusive, who else on the mostly american Britney boards was going to get Kiwi Humour?

We talked online heaps, he became a friend to me and I to him. He was shy and eventually confided in me why. He was in a wheelchair and could feel pretty insecure at times about this.

It was only last year in November that we actually met for the first time. We were going to go see Britney together! You can't beat a first meeting like that! It was all expenses paid, for me by him. He made one of my dreams come true. To see Britney in concert, I never thought I would be so lucky!

We had a blast in Australia, it was one of the best times I have ever had.
I felt that out friendship was now officially solidified.

So I couldn't quite understand when about a week ago things went sour.

It was something silly, ridiculous. Nothing to lose a friendship over!

He got angry at me, I told him to Grow Up. Probably not the greatest thing for me to have said, but I said it. He made me cry, I emailed him trying to make things better and sent him text messages. All to no reply.
I don't even know if he got the e-mail as he probably blocked me on MSN just like he did on Twitter.

Maybe I was a shitty friend? Maybe I expected too much from him?

All I can say is, I TRIED to be there for him. Looking back now, he never really let me in anyway.

I will miss him and will probably be trying to figure this out for a long while yet.

I guess I should just let him go.

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