Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy, Amy, Amy

Like so many others I imagine, I am doing a blog tribute to Amy Winehouse.

What can I say? Other than the fact that she was AMAZING. Such a talent, such a voice, such an asset to soul music, to music in general!

Her words and voice spoke to my soul, when I felt down I would listen to her and felt like she actually GOT me. I know few artists who have had that power, that natural raw talent, the ability to speak to someone's soul.

Last week I was listening to her, I was wondering when she was going to gift us all with a new album. Sadly, that day will never come. I am forever grateful for the music that she has created and shared with the world.

I will miss you Amy, I know I didn't know you personally but through your music I felt like I did.

Rest in peace Amy. I will remain a true fan for always.

xoxo Michaela

Thursday, June 16, 2011

May be uncomfortable to read.

Passed out on the bed,
I hear voices but they don't make sense.
Left and right but mostly center,
I was frozen yet you entered.
I said stop but you didn't listen,
took what you wanted without permission.
I wake up, I'm feeling sore,
feeling ashamed and like a whore.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is done.

I wanted you to hurt,
so you could see what you've done
as soon as you said the words
the damage was done
You've opened the box and now the storm has begun

Why did you start this?
Can you not see what we have done,
your own private army.

Fighting for you though you are not my own,
the walls I've come against, the tears on my pillow.

Another Poem...

I awake again and nothing has changed,
Same old scenario, same old game
My dreams, I wish I had stayed lost in them.

So sick of my face each day in the mirror,
glass is dirty, reflection not much better

far too young to have a meltdown
too old to throw a tantrum

So what is there to do but lay here,
with a tear falling from each eye?

Nothing has changed since last time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poem inspired by Napier Siege

I wrote this awhile ago... it was when the Napier Siege was happening. This poem was about Policeman Len Snee, who was killed in the siege.

Thought he would be home at 8 tonight, but he never came

Cooked bolognaise for him tonight, it’s 20 years today

He should be home, but he never came

He is with the angels, for someone that could never be saved

I’m crying alone tonight, and trying to be strong

The man I loved vanished tonight, and I can’t figure it out

Trying to tell the kids tonight, thought I would die from the pain

I have to wake up tomorrow, and face it all again

All of a sudden, life isn’t alive

The flowers outside aren’t as blue as the day before

And I’m scared that the last thing he saw

Made him regret everything he had worked for.

Dying for people that will never understand,

Never understand the sacrifice that goes in hand with

The badge and title that used to command respect

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Controversial WellyWood...

I must be one of very few (if not only) Kiwi's that actually like this idea.

Sure it's lame, tacky and a bit unoriginal... but I think that's why I like it.

New Zealand has never been afraid to push boundaries and have a laugh at ourselves in the process. Why are we being such sticks in the mud now?

Also, this would be GOOD for NZ tourism, it represents NZ and Wellington's importance in the film industry, it shows that we are a proud country but not too proud to have a laugh at ourselves. We're proud, yet humble about it.

The way people are going on about this you would think they were going to stick a giant swastika on the hill.

NZers lets not forget that sometimes it's okay to be tacky!

After all, isn't that what made the 80's so amazing?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Agoraphobic Bumblebee

Are you just like me?
Afraid of the outside world and all it can be?

Too afraid to step outside,
I give you a subtle push on the windowside
not subtle enough, because you're back
in the doorway, on my track

Suicidal Bumblebee
There is more than you can see,
I know the drop is a long way down
I'm trying to help you, settle down.

Please don't sting me
I'm just like you.
I'm a different colour
But I'm scared too.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


You must have been stricken by her if you saw her face
and forgot my name.

You must have been lying when you said I was different,
different because I fell for it.

When you took from me what wasn't yours to take,
did you feel any remorse?

When you could have been the man and protected me,
protected me from you.

I said leave me alone, I said don't contact me again, you didn't but I changed my number just in case.

There was nothing I could have done for you anyway.

Depression is not an attractive name for a blog post.

Yet here it is.

In my face, looking right at me and I don't know whether to slap it or hide from it. Unfortunately there is no hiding from it.

The last 6 months have been hard, too much went on, in a short space of time sometimes I wonder if I even dealt with it, or just went through it with my head down hoping for it to be over. That kinda sounds like the last few years, actually.

I'm lonely, a small town girl in a big city, literally. I had trouble making friends in a small town, did I really think it would be easier in a big town? Sure there's more people, more people to hide from.

I'm scared of people, scared that they will know everything I am and I will swiftly be rejected. How much do I tell them, when do I tell them? Do I tell them at all?