Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Top 5 ..... Albums.

My Top Five albums! There are heaps more than 5 that I adore... but these are the ones that influenced (can I say that? I'm not a celebrity..) or mean a lot to me.

Annie Lennox - Medusa (1995)

I discovered this album a few years ago, because a friend was playing it when I went over to visit. I instantly fell in love. Annie's husky voice entranced me.

It's actually a cover album, but she sings every song as if it were her own.

I bought the album, and it relaxes me so much.

Some of the topics are quite deep and hard hitting, "A thin line between love and hate" about a woman who abuses her husband. An amazing song.

"Don't let it bring you down" was featured on the movie "American Beauty". A haunting song to match an equally haunting movie.

Annie is truly a legend.

Britney Spears - Oops I did it again (2000)

Although I liked Britney from the beginning (Baby one more time) this was the album that really got me fanatic about Britney.

I remember singing along to "Stronger", listening to it when someone broke my heart (teenage love). Listening to "Lucky", thinking it was about me, and thinking that is how Britney must have felt at times.
Standout Tracks - "Lucky" "Don't go knockin' on my door" "Stronger"

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine (2005)

"If there was a better way to go then it would find me, I can't help it the road just rolls out behind me, be kind to me, or treat me mean, I'll make the most of it I'm an Extroadinary Machine"

It's like all these songs are written about me, they're not of course, it's just Fiona Apple being an amazing songwriter and artist. When an album can make you feel like it's all about you, no matter what stage of your life it is, is surely an incredible feat!

Fiona sings so sullenley, with so much passion yet with a detached tone only she could manage.

Standout tracks "O' Sailor" "Extraordinary Machine" "Window" "Get him back"

Anika Moa - Thinking Room (2001)

The debut album from our very own Anika Moa. She is gorgeous.

I fell in love with this album from the very first time I heard it. Although it's not Anika's favourite album she made (says it's nothing like her, more like her record company told her what to do) I still adore it.

I really can't pick any standout tracks, they are all amazing!

Jewel - Pieces of You (1995)

I adore this album. All the songs are amazing, and Jewel sings so beautifully, with such passion.

The memories I have of this album are my mum driving me to school with this album playing on the way. I hated school, it was awful. Every morning before school I felt physically sick. Therefore this album has a range of emotions and memories for me. Riding in the car with my mother trying to analyze the lyrics and meanings of the song "Adrian" (if you have never heard it, listen to it!) What happened to Adrian? This song can really bring tears...

"I'm sensitive" is another favourite. At a time when I never felt confident in who I was, or even liked who I was. This song was (and still is) very comforting for me. The lyrics are amazing.

Some lyrics are "I was thinking, if we're told we're bad, then that's the only idea we'll ever have"

It really is an amazing album, you're missing out if you haven't heard it.
Standout Tracks - "Adrian" "I'm sensitive" "Little sister"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sex and the City 2 - worst movie ever made?

Ew, this movie was a whole lot of yuck!
I think this movie has put women and feminism backwards... It truly is disgusting.
I never was a fan of the TV series, but went to see the movie with a friend anyway. Most of the laughs I had were when fellow movie goers piped up with things like "SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN!" (that would be Carrie, btw)
Here's a rundown of the ever so ................. characters. (left blank for your choice of adjectives)
Carrie - Ageing New Yorker who is never satisfied... with anything.
Samantha - Vulgar 50+ woman who says disgusting things "Lawrence of my labia" ... oh, are you serious?
Charlotte - Mum with 2 kids who can't cope even with a full time nanny.
Miranda - The least annnoying character of the lot.
Plot : 4 old friends live in new york, go to abu dhabi for a holiday, they drink cocktails, offend
local culture and tradition and then go back home.
There, I have saved you from having to endure this 2 1/2 hour shitfest.
You can thank me anytime.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Oil Spill

BP - Need I Say More?

You did an oops. A big big oops.

The stain you have left in the ocean is more incriminating than the stain on Monica Lewinskey's dress.

Can you ever gain credibility again BP? Well, as much credibility as an oil company could possibly have anyway.

The problem I find is mostly, is not that you made the "Oops", we all make mistakes, but the lack of effort and caring you have towards fixing it!

You're spending all your money buying Search terms on Google and Yahoo than actually clearing up the shit you caused. Yes, you are redirecting people to your own website to try and spin doctor your way out of this.

"Here's what we're doing to help the oil spill" - "Help?" You made the mess, clean your own shit up.

The "shit" isn't just the big messy puddle in the ocean either, you have tarnished the BP name. While this may not affect you bigwigs in the corner offices, it DOES affect the BP business owners, who have to deal with people "boycotting" BP altogether, and losing their livlihood. No doubt they are copping a lot of abuse thanks to you as well.

What are you going to do for these people? I guess you don't really care about the normal people affected though, do you?

You probably care as much for them as you do for these poor creatures...

More here: http:// Be warned, these images are very disturbing. They will show you the magnitude of what is happening though.

And if you want to know just how big the oil spill REALLY is (BP have been downplaying the actual size of it) go here, and see for yourself.


Sort your shit out BP.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Philadelphia Freedom

Halfway across the world
is someone like me.

someone who feels the things I see

she longs for philadelphia freedom,
whilst I long for some green-peace

from the thoughts in my head
that never seem to cease

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shortland Street

"Is it you or is it me.... lately I've been lost it seems..." OR what I believed the words were for many years .... "lately I've been lost at sea"

That tune is so comforting.

It's only been around 18years but it's as much a part of Kiwiana as the Pohutukawa Tree and Christmas on the Beach.

18 years of bliss at 7pm every weeknight. One hour mondays. The awful emptiness when it disappears over the Xmas break. Loveable characters. Characters you love to hate. Heartbreak. Joy (usually followed by heartbreak) Knowing that weddings always mean a good scandalous episode. Knowing that one day, Lionel WILL come back.

Oh Lionel...

Those were just a few of the things I love about Shortland Street.

I remember collecting the Shortland Street Collectors cards. Always hoping to find that elusive Kirsty and Lionel wedding card when opening a pack... I still don't have that card, but I have all the rest!

I remember having a Shortland Street Bubble watch which they were selling in the supermarkets, along with wallets and other awesome stuff.

Other awesome stuff

Some of my favourite characters (usually they ended up in the Shortland Street Morgue) included ....

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when this happened...


One final memory,

One year Shortland Street was played on Christmas Day. My mother, aunty, myself and sister all had to rush home to watch it as my Grandmother who we were spending Xmas with wanted to watch the Queens speech.

There you go, to some Kiwi's (most Kiwi's hehe) Shortland Street is more important than the Queen.

Just don't tell her that.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

a bit of a depressing one.

I awake again, and nothing has changed
Same old scenario, same old game
my dreams: I wish I had stayed lost in them

So sick of my face each day
in the mirror, glass is dirty
reflection not much better.

far too young to have a meltdown,
too old to throw a tantrum,
so what is there to do but lay here alone
with a tear
falling from each eye.

nothing has changed since last time.

Angelic Voices.

Angelic Voices from within,
holds her head to the ground.
Listening for any sound,
love would pay her a call,

She'd never done it before,
never to give up hope,
of her dreams; had faded
she had become jaded.

Not meaning to lose sight of herself,
a simple ride, but not so innocent
had led her to self destruct
losing all her self respect.

She said the voices were real
although she couldn't be sure

The tempting aroma of what could have been
had shoved her off the rails

The game was fun, it would all pay off
she said, lying through her teeth
If only I could tell just what was real
and what is simply a trick.