Friday, July 9, 2010

Another one bites the dust...,

Friends that is.

Perhaps I just expect too much.

I know we had a great holiday together, one of the best times I have ever ever had. After that, it kept dwindling, it got harder and harder to make contact, harder and harder to make sense of it.

Yeah, I was jealous. How could I not be? You showered devotion on the one person who could never return it. Someone who you paid for their time. You never would have had to pay for my time. I would have been a friend, a real friend.

You forgot my birthday, even though I reminded you a few days earlier. Yes, I know when yours is. 10th december. Even now it looks like we aren't friends I will still remember it.

I cared about you. I worried about you getting hurt. I listened to you. When I decided to do something about something you had told me, you got mad. It made no sense and I was sick of all the bullshit. I told you our friendship was over. Because it seemed like it ended a long time ago. I couldn't understand you, you were more emotional than myself.

All the times I needed you, I needed you as a friend, just someone to talk too. Shit you could have just texted me back, at least then I would know you cared a little bit.

So, it looks like that's it. Thank you for the good time we did have. I'm sad to see it go but it looks like the end of the road for us.

seeya, Michaela

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