Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I suck at blogs - sorry!

Apologies to my three readers, Sorry sorry and sorry!

I guess there hasn't been much to write about.

Updates: I DIDN'T get into the finals for Ms Extralicious, sucks because I thought i had a decent shot! Oh well, I must have not been what they were looking for.

I felt like writing today because of something one of the playcentre mums was talking about today. Basically it was this.

Homeless people are the way they are because of the choices they make

In some ways, this may be true. I certainly don't think it's as simple as that though.

Some people are born unlucky. It's very unfair, but very true.

I've been blessed to have a great supportive family and access to education (nothing like uni, but I don't believe uni is at all important) Parents that taught me right from wrong etc.

Not everyone has that. Some kids grow up seeing violence every day, seeing drugs put ahead of their own safety and health, growing up in an environment where clean clothes and food and education AREN'T IMPORTANT.

How are they meant to cope in the big bad world where they have absoloutly no support and all they know is what they have seen? They do what they know. Often falling into crime and drugs, and sometimes homelessness. How do they start afresh when people aren't willing to give them jobs? When they don't have people who will support them in any way?

For people who have been lucky enough to have had the neccesities of life, this may be hard to imagine. But TRY and imagine it.

It's unfair to say that "this is because of the choices they have made", when half the time they haven't even had the benefit of being able to make a choice. Is it a "choice" that they grew up not having all the vital things kids should have?

Not to mention, sometimes life falls to shit. Sometimes it's the only choice people feel they have.

There are a million and one more things I could add to this, but I won't.

Are you happy in your ignorant bliss? Does saying it's a "choice" make you feel better, make you feel like something like that could never happen to you? Does it make you feel better than them?

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  1. Like how you closed this blog off, too right - people like to act like they're invincible and hope that'll be a strong enough shield to never end up in that situation, however, anything can happen to someone to wind them up in that situation.