Saturday, September 18, 2010

Surprise Post from Joey Sauer.

Guess who just invaded your blog Mikokiko and disrespectfully made a post? ME. (aka. Joey from Joey Nation).

I did what I could for your blog but I realised that your page has a completely different HTML code from mine so I was unable to make it fancy and stuff, but the boring white text-background is now ever-so-slightly transparent so the background colour shall shine through. Sorry all the blues aren't really the same, I'll give it another tackle if you're unhappy but for right now, this'll do. I think it looks quite smart, the blue + white is clean-looking anyway.

Add some more things on your right-hand column to liven the place up too, I started with the Twitter app - delete if you dislike!

Sorry this took so long Michaela!

Lots of love,

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