Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

I believe in Ghosts. Or Spirits, or whatever you like to call them.

I believe we do have a soul, I believe that something as powerful and amazing as a soul doesn't just die when our physical body does.

I also believe I have had some experiences when it comes to Ghosts/Spirits.

I used to go to my Grandmothers house in Tauranga (NZ) a few times a year with my sisters, Mum and Dad. She lived all by herself, we called her "gran on her own".

My older sister and I used to share a room at the end of the house. I do believe this room was haunted in some way. Every time I stepped into that room an awful feeling of dread and unease came over me. I never wanted to go to bed, as I was afraid of this bedroom. There was something there.

My mother has told me that on one occasion when we were staying here that I told her that "there was someone at the end of my bed".

Also in this bedroom, EVERY time we visited I had the same dream. A rather ridiculous dream, but one that scared me nonetheless. Some might say that's why I was scared of the room - because that's where I had these awful dreams. It may have been the other way though, BECAUSE this room was haunted I had the bad dreams!

On other instances I have heard my name being called and no one has been there. When my partner and I were looking at places to live, we encountered a house that JUST DIDN'T FEEL RIGHT. Not the decor, or the layout but a feeling that we both had. Needless to say we didn't rent that house!

Call me crazy if you wish, but I do believe.

Have you had any odd experiences?

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  1. I definitely believe like you do. in ghosts, in souls and all of that. some call me crazy (though with my nutty imagination sometimes that can be true) but i believe in all to do with ghosts.
    i think that the body is just a shell, a shell we are wrapped around in for this lifetime and once our soul is gone then the shell iis just empty, left behind. thats why im a big believer in organ donation, to help others once you've moved on. =D
    My mum used to work night shift at a resthome and she said that every night there would be visits from the afterlife. Bells would go off in empty rooms, you would see people walk past in the corner of your eyes and there would be knocking on doors and stuff too.
    I havent had any experiences myself but we rent too, and we never go into a house that has a bad feel to it unless we have to, like our last house. i got such a bad feeling there :(