Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shortland Street

"Is it you or is it me.... lately I've been lost it seems..." OR what I believed the words were for many years .... "lately I've been lost at sea"

That tune is so comforting.

It's only been around 18years but it's as much a part of Kiwiana as the Pohutukawa Tree and Christmas on the Beach.

18 years of bliss at 7pm every weeknight. One hour mondays. The awful emptiness when it disappears over the Xmas break. Loveable characters. Characters you love to hate. Heartbreak. Joy (usually followed by heartbreak) Knowing that weddings always mean a good scandalous episode. Knowing that one day, Lionel WILL come back.

Oh Lionel...

Those were just a few of the things I love about Shortland Street.

I remember collecting the Shortland Street Collectors cards. Always hoping to find that elusive Kirsty and Lionel wedding card when opening a pack... I still don't have that card, but I have all the rest!

I remember having a Shortland Street Bubble watch which they were selling in the supermarkets, along with wallets and other awesome stuff.

Other awesome stuff

Some of my favourite characters (usually they ended up in the Shortland Street Morgue) included ....

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when this happened...


One final memory,

One year Shortland Street was played on Christmas Day. My mother, aunty, myself and sister all had to rush home to watch it as my Grandmother who we were spending Xmas with wanted to watch the Queens speech.

There you go, to some Kiwi's (most Kiwi's hehe) Shortland Street is more important than the Queen.

Just don't tell her that.

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