Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Oil Spill

BP - Need I Say More?

You did an oops. A big big oops.

The stain you have left in the ocean is more incriminating than the stain on Monica Lewinskey's dress.

Can you ever gain credibility again BP? Well, as much credibility as an oil company could possibly have anyway.

The problem I find is mostly, is not that you made the "Oops", we all make mistakes, but the lack of effort and caring you have towards fixing it!

You're spending all your money buying Search terms on Google and Yahoo than actually clearing up the shit you caused. Yes, you are redirecting people to your own website to try and spin doctor your way out of this.

"Here's what we're doing to help the oil spill" - "Help?" You made the mess, clean your own shit up.

The "shit" isn't just the big messy puddle in the ocean either, you have tarnished the BP name. While this may not affect you bigwigs in the corner offices, it DOES affect the BP business owners, who have to deal with people "boycotting" BP altogether, and losing their livlihood. No doubt they are copping a lot of abuse thanks to you as well.

What are you going to do for these people? I guess you don't really care about the normal people affected though, do you?

You probably care as much for them as you do for these poor creatures...

More here: http:// Be warned, these images are very disturbing. They will show you the magnitude of what is happening though.

And if you want to know just how big the oil spill REALLY is (BP have been downplaying the actual size of it) go here, and see for yourself.


Sort your shit out BP.

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