Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poem inspired by Napier Siege

I wrote this awhile ago... it was when the Napier Siege was happening. This poem was about Policeman Len Snee, who was killed in the siege.

Thought he would be home at 8 tonight, but he never came

Cooked bolognaise for him tonight, it’s 20 years today

He should be home, but he never came

He is with the angels, for someone that could never be saved

I’m crying alone tonight, and trying to be strong

The man I loved vanished tonight, and I can’t figure it out

Trying to tell the kids tonight, thought I would die from the pain

I have to wake up tomorrow, and face it all again

All of a sudden, life isn’t alive

The flowers outside aren’t as blue as the day before

And I’m scared that the last thing he saw

Made him regret everything he had worked for.

Dying for people that will never understand,

Never understand the sacrifice that goes in hand with

The badge and title that used to command respect

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