Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy, Amy, Amy

Like so many others I imagine, I am doing a blog tribute to Amy Winehouse.

What can I say? Other than the fact that she was AMAZING. Such a talent, such a voice, such an asset to soul music, to music in general!

Her words and voice spoke to my soul, when I felt down I would listen to her and felt like she actually GOT me. I know few artists who have had that power, that natural raw talent, the ability to speak to someone's soul.

Last week I was listening to her, I was wondering when she was going to gift us all with a new album. Sadly, that day will never come. I am forever grateful for the music that she has created and shared with the world.

I will miss you Amy, I know I didn't know you personally but through your music I felt like I did.

Rest in peace Amy. I will remain a true fan for always.

xoxo Michaela

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